Your Nature Space Guides

Your Nature Space guides

Central Scotland Green Network Trust and South Lanarkshire Council, on behalf of the South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership have recently extended their range of habitat assessment cards to include 2 more habitats found in South Lanarkshire.

The “Your Nature Space” cards are handy pockets guides that anyone can use to assess the biodiversity quality of their local environment. They also give hints and tips on species identification, how to improve nature spaces for biodiversity, as well as other citizen science surveys to take part in. 

The set of 10 cards now include Workplaces and School Grounds, with the original cards covering Woodlands, Ponds, Bogs, Meadows, Orchards, Parks & Greenspaces, River & Streams and Brownfield sites. Copies of all 10 can be downloaded below.

Hard copies are available from SLC and CSGNT, and will be available to pick up at events throughout the year.

Funding for these cards has come from the Developing Local Communities Fund which operates under the Renewable Energy Fund.

Bog habitat assessment card

Brownfield habitat assessment card

Meadow habitat assessment card

Orchard habitat assessment card

Park & Greenspace habitat assessment card

Pond habitat assessment card

River & Stream habitat assessment card

School grounds habitat assessment card

Work places habitat assessment card

Woodland habitat assessment card