The South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Strategy does not contain lists of local priority species. Instead, all species which are viewed as a priority nationally are considered to be a priority locally. The full Scottish Biodiversity list can be found here.

The population abundance and distribution of certain key indicator species can be used as a proxy measure for ecosystem quality and health. Therefore, these species will be a focus for monitoring. Additionally, habitat improvements which benefits these species, can be assumed to be beneficial for the entire ecosystem. Please note that species have been selected based on the availability of pre-existing data. Species which are under-recorded have not been chosen as indicators as resources are not available to instigate surveys at this time.

Invasive species are considered to be indicators of damaged/ degraded ecosystems and are "negative indicators".

Current indicator species are:

Upland: Black Grouse

Freshwater (river): Brown Trout & Atlantic Salmon

Lowland (rural): farmland bird assemblages