People and Communications Plan


People and Communications

Biodiversity and people are inextricably linked to each other. Biodiversity provides us humans with a huge number of ecosystem services and regular contact with biodiversity and the outdoors provides health benefits, educational opportunities and the chance for communities to come together and tackle social problems.
A key aim of the South Lanarkshire LBAP is to raise people's awareness and understanding of biodiversity and to reinforce the link between people and the environment. If people understand and value biodiversity, they will be motivated and empowered to make decisions about its conservation.
As people learn about biodiversity in many different ways, the Biodiversity Partnership is committed to promoting biodiversity to a range of audiences and in a variety of formats. The majority of the partnership organisations already have their own education and/ or engagement policies and so the Biodiversity Strategy aims to deliver action in the following key areas:
  • Education (both formal and informal)
  • Public engagement and awareness raising projects
  • Volunteering and community projects
  • Play
  • Professional Guidance

For more information see the People and Communication Plan  and the Get Involved section of this website.