Plans and Policies

Plans, Policies and Strategies that affect or influence on biodiversity in Scotland

There are many plan, policies and strategies that impact upon biodiversity at national (UK and Scotland) level, as well as regional and local levels. The main policies are detailed here, but there are many more not listed here which may have an impact on biodiversity and related projects in the area.

A Strategy for Scottish Invertebrate Conservation -

Applying and Ecosystem Approach to Land Use:

Clyde Draft Area Management Plan 2009–2015

Glasgow and Clyde Valley Joint Structure Plan 2006

IUCN Inquiry on Peatlands report:

Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003

Land Use Strategy

National Planning Framework (Scottish Exec 2004) and Monitoring Report (2006):

National Planning Framework for Scotland 3 (Scottish Government 2014)

National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG)

Natural Heritage Futures West Central Belt (SNH)

River Basin Management Plan for the Scotland River Basin District (2009)

Scottish Planning Policy (SPP)

Scottish Soil Framework

SDS Guidance Ponds, pools and lochans: Guidance on good practice in the management and creation of small waterbodies in Scotland. (2000).

SEA Environment Statement for the Local Biodiversity Action Plan

SNHs Species Action Framework

South Lanarkshire Community Plan – Stronger Together (2005-2015)

South Lanarkshire Core Path Plan - 30k

South Lanarkshire Council Minerals Local Development Plan

South Lanarkshire Council Renewable Energy SPG

South Lanarkshire Greenspace Strategy

South Lanarkshire Local Plan – Finalised Plan (2007):

South Lanarkshire Rural Strategy

South Lanarkshire State of the Environment Report

South Lanarkshire Sustainable Development Strategy

South Lanarkshire Transport Strategy

The Scottish Forestry Strategy

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code

The Scottish Sustainable Development Strategy – Choosing Our Future

Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland) Act 2003

Woods for Nature - Our Biodiversity Programme 2008-2011