Biodiversity Action Plan (tier 3)

The Biodiversity Action Plan sets out all current activity taking place in South Lanarkshire. It is a rolling list of programmes and projects, each of which has its own defined aims, objectives, timescales and resources. The action plan represents Tier 3 of action in the LBAP and is reviewed annually.

In order to ensure that projects will make a meaningful contribution to biodiversity conservation in South Lanarkshire, a sub- group of the Biodiversity Partnership will be established to review all Tier 3 projects. The following criteria will be used as a guide to select the best projects for inclusion in the LBAP and to improve schemes which may be weaker in terms of the delivery of biodiversity benefits:
a) Projects and programmes must be compatible with the key long term aims and objectives for each ecosystem, as shown on the biodiversity landscape character map. (e.g. generally woodland expansion that threatened an important area of peatland or priority open habitat would not be supported).
b) Projects and programmes must demonstrate how all Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) objectives and issues are addressed and mitigated for if necessary.
c) Projects and programmes must contribute to meeting at least one of the long term aims of the LBAP.
d) Projects and programmes must be fully resourced and have SMART targets. Ongoing monitoring must be a feature of the project.
e) A lead partner organisation (and named individual) should be identified and willing to take the lead.
f) Projects and programmes must be maintained and should be followed up if appropriate.
g) Projects which incorporate an element of raising biodiversity awareness or promoting access to biodiversity (where appropriate) will be particularly encouraged.

The Tier 3 reports for 2010 to 2012 can be accessed here: Tier 3 2010-12