Some more websites and links that may be useful:

Bat Conservation Trust:

Biodiversity Action Reporting System:


British Trust for Ornithology:

The Conservation Volunteers:

Bumblebee Conservation Trust:

Butterfly Conservation:


Scottish Ornithologist's Club:

Scottish Wildlife Trust:

Scottish Badgers:

Woodland Trust:


Neighbouring LBAPs also have plans which can link with the SLBAP. They often share prioirities and actions and sometimes are able to work together to deliver larger projects that if they worked alone

North Lanarkshire: NL LBAP

Ayrshire: Ayshire Joint LBAP 

Scottish Borders: Scottish Borders LBAP

Glasgow: Glasgow City LBAP

2020 Challenge for Scotlands Biodiversity


Educational website and links:


Forest Schools:

Forest Education Initiative:



Conservation evidence and case studies:

GB Sectretariat for Invasive Non-Native Species:

NBN Gateway:

Scottish Biodiverisity:

Biological Recording in Scotland:

2020 Vision:

Advice can be sought from the Government Agencies responsible for the environment: SNH, FCS and SEPA